My ‘Pond’ Falls For My Waterfall: A Story About Falling For A Waterfall

My ‘Pond’ Falls For My Waterfall: A Story About Falling For A Waterfall

“The water falls, and it feels good.”

“When I look at the water, it’s like the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

A photo posted by Jodie Denton (@jodiedenton) on Nov 12, 2018 at 11:19am PSTIt’s not uncommon for waterfalls to be overlooked in the popular culture, but this year, the world’s first waterfall at a national park was a revelation for photographers.

The waterfall, located in the National Park Service’s Mount Rainier National Park, is the first of its kind in the country and is located in a remote part of the park near a remote stream.

“This is a beautiful waterfall,” said Jodieden.

I was blown away.

The photographer had been following a guide and was walking through the woods when he noticed a stream that led to a cliff.

After a short while, he realized the water was going to be too low for him to walk through.

He decided to head up the stream and climb to the top of the cliff.

When he reached the top, he saw the water just barely above the edge of the ledge.

Once he was above, he turned around and looked down and saw the waterfall.

His camera was taken and the image that follows is the result of that beautiful image.

Jodiedens waterfall photo shows a waterfall on a cliff and a small pond.

It’s also worth noting that the photographer and his camera are the only ones to take a photograph of the waterfall at the moment.

When the waterfall opens up, you can see a small fountain on the right side of the picture.

While the waterfall itself isn’t visible on the photograph, you’re able to see the pond in the middle of the stream.

The waterfalls location is very remote and inaccessible.

It’s in a national wildlife preserve and is only accessible by helicopter, a helicopter that costs about $300.

Because of this, it took about a month for Jodies photographer to complete his photo shoot.

On the back of the photo is a postcard from Jodier that tells the story of his photo and why he decided to shoot the waterfall in the first place.

A few other photographers have taken similar photos of the waterfalls in the past, but none have had the chance to capture the beauty and awe of the Falls.

For the photographer, it was a moment of truth and inspiration.

“I felt like I’d done something amazing, but it wasn’t for me,” he said.

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