How the state’s waterfalls are changing for water quality and public health

How the state’s waterfalls are changing for water quality and public health

The waterfalls at Lake Waukesha, in the state of Wisconsin, are changing dramatically in the next few decades, and now the state is calling on the public to take part in a pilot project to monitor the waterfalls for the first time.

The waterfalls of Lake Wausau, in western Wisconsin, have become a symbol of the state and have become the focal point of public health concerns due to the high level of contaminants found in the water.

“There are so many things that are changing in our water supply,” Wisconsin’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) told reporters at a press conference Tuesday.

“So I would like to remind the public that this is not just a natural occurrence.”

The pilot project, which will begin this month and will be followed by a second one in 2020, is a partnership between the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Environmental Protection Association (EPA).

According to the EPA, the goal is to test and monitor the impact of the water changes at the water levels in Lake Wauxaukee and other nearby lakes.

In addition to the pilot, the agency is also asking the public for input on the project.

According to a press release, the DNR will be working with the EPA to establish baseline testing parameters for the lakes.

These include temperature, salinity, salinities at different depths, and water level.

These measurements will be made using a combination of remote sensing, sonar and other technologies.

The DNR is also conducting the first public testing on a large-scale to evaluate how much of the contaminants found on the water are being removed.

In order to participate in the pilot program, the public can submit a written proposal, or by visiting a website that allows the public input. 

The DNR’s water quality advisory team, which includes representatives from the EPA and the DWM, will evaluate the proposal and make recommendations to the DWD.

The group also will assess the feasibility of the pilot project in terms of safety, public health, and environmental benefits.

According the EPA website, a pilot program like this is an important step in the development of a safe water quality management plan and an important part of protecting the public health.

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