Croats have created a beautiful spring waterfall in Albania – but its not yet ready for human consumption

Croats have created a beautiful spring waterfall in Albania – but its not yet ready for human consumption

The Albanian government has created a waterfall in the country’s most picturesque mountain region, the Albanian Alps, as part of a project to preserve the countrys natural beauty and waterfalls.

The waterfall is in the town of Dyrra, on the Albanians south-eastern border with Croatia.

The waterfalls are part of the Dyrrachic Mountains National Park, and are located in a mountain range about 120 kilometres east of Tirana.

Croatian President Milo Djukanovic said in a statement that the project was designed to “create a magnificent, safe and dignified environment for waterfalls”.

It is not yet clear what the waterfalls’ effect will be on the climate of the country.

Croats use the water from the Dymra and Adriatic Sea to irrigate their fields.

The Dyrras waterfalls and their surrounding landscape are a symbol of Croats’ ancient history.

The ancient, beautiful Dyrranes waterfalls were founded in the 4th Century BC by a Greek prince.

The ruins of the ancient city of Dymara lie beneath the city.

The first major waterfall in Albania was constructed in the 3rd Century BC.

The most famous of the Albani waterfall sites is the Dydra, the largest and most popular waterfall.

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