An Indian fisherman’s life on the water

An Indian fisherman’s life on the water

Indian fisherman Anil Dube and his son Anuradha Dube live on the shores of the rainforest, a sanctuary that they have called home for the past 14 years.

They are part of a growing number of people who are moving away from the land to live on water in the rainforests of Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

The trend has been seen across Latin America, with some countries like Chile, Argentina and Uruguay seeing record-high populations of migrants in recent years.

But it’s happening across the globe as well, with countries like Australia and India seeing an influx of people looking to make the leap from the river and to the water.

In fact, the number of migrants who are heading to the Amazon, with the help of organisations like the UN’s World Food Programme and the International Organisation for Migration, has nearly doubled since 2014, according to data from the United Nations Population Division.

A recent study in The Guardian found that migrants from the world’s poorest countries are becoming increasingly visible in the Amazon and elsewhere in Latin America.

They have been drawn to the rain forests to find jobs and work in mining and farming and to make ends meet in the countryside.

But as migrants, the migrants who make it to the rivers, can be a source of anxiety for local communities.

In some parts of Brazil they are displacing native communities.

The region of the Amazon known as Tierra do Sul is known for its many rivers, which the UN estimates are the third-largest in the world after the Yangtze and the Ganges.

It’s a land of lakes, rivers and mountains that stretch from the Andes in South America to the Pacific Ocean in the far north.

In the past few years, a large part of the region has been transformed by deforestation, with much of the land in Tierra Do Sul now being cleared for mining and other uses.

It has also been a source for migrants from around the world who have settled in the region.

The influx of migrants has led to tensions and even violence.

Many locals have reported attacks by gangs of migrants, including drug traffickers, who often attack the locals and steal their belongings.

Local authorities have also struggled to control the influx of migrant migrants, especially in the northern Amazon.

They often face violence and repression from groups like the Zetas, which is a drug trafficking organisation linked to the drug cartels.

These groups have been involved in a long-running turf war that has seen some regions of Brazil hit by violent clashes.

The Zetans have reportedly killed some 1,000 people since 2007.

Some local officials have blamed migrants for causing the violence.

But locals have also said that they’re also suffering from a lack of services.

Many are worried about the growing number and visibility of migrants.

The number of Brazilians living in the river communities has increased by 40% in the past 10 years, according the United Nation’s Department of International Relations.

This trend has even spilled over to the national parks in the Rio Grande and the Amazon basin, where migrants are frequently found camping, according local residents.

Some migrants have been spotted camping out at local parks in a bid to escape the violence in their areas.

Local politicians are increasingly turning to the UN to help them combat the migrant problem.

The government has recently started an “internal migration project” with the aim of identifying and repatriating migrants.

According to local officials, this has been largely successful, with migrant groups moving to other parts of the country and the region in general.

But local leaders worry that the process is going too slowly.

As a result, many migrants are being forced to return home without any compensation.

For locals, the migrant crisis has not been without its challenges.

They fear that migrants are taking advantage of the situation and that they are not getting any help.

The lack of jobs, poor living conditions and rising violence have also led to anger towards the government.

Residents have also been demanding an end to the migrant programme and to be given a chance to return to their own communities.

Local officials in the country have also faced criticism from human rights organisations and the media for their handling of the migrant issue.

This has resulted in several protests against the government, some of which have been violently suppressed.

In April, the government banned the UN agency for refugees (UNHCR) from providing any assistance to migrants and said it would take the decision to prosecute migrants.

“We will not let these people escape,” said Luiz Rodrigues, the head of the government’s Migration Unit.

“This is a crisis for the whole country, and we are ready to take the necessary steps to prevent it.”

In a country where there are many migrants, Brazilians have long had a long tradition of migration.

The majority of the migrants to Brazil have come from the Caribbean and South America.

In recent years, Brazil has also seen a rise in the number and number of those seeking asylum in Latin American countries, such as Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia, as well as South Africa and Colombia. It is

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