When the Falls Come in Kentucky

When the Falls Come in Kentucky

Kentucky Falls, the waterfall in Kentucky’s Kentucky Falls State Park, is in danger of dying out.

The Kentucky Water Board has asked Kentucky lawmakers to make it a permanent feature in the park.

The Kentucky Water Bureau says Kentucky Falls will no longer be able to host a water slide, but the park will be able add it as a seasonal feature to its trails, which would require special permits from the state.

The park has more than 4 million visitors a year and about 60,000 waterfalls.

Kentucky Falls has become a popular tourist attraction and popular site for photo ops with family and friends.

It was a popular destination during the Great Depression and its proximity to Louisville made it a popular vacation destination, said Matt Smith, the park’s chief water resource officer.

Kentuckians have been waiting for a year to see Kentucky Falls.

“It’s been a really long time coming, but now that it’s here it’s just amazing,” said Jessica Mays, a Kentucky Falls resident who took a photo with her two children this week.

“We’ve got all these people waiting to see it, and it’s always been a bit of a surprise.

It’s going to be great to have it for a while, but it’s going do it by itself.”

The park has received $5.5 million in funding since 2014 to create a new visitor attraction, a new hiking trail and an improved restroom.

Kentucks Falls is on the National Register of Historic Places, meaning it’s considered a national historic landmark.

The site has been a popular spot for families to get out for picnics and picnicking, with a water park, swimming pool and picnic pavilion.

KentUCKY Falls, also known as the Great Falls of Kentucky, is the largest waterfall in Kentucky and is the site of a photo op with a family and a group of children on a spring day in August.

The park will add a new water slide and a new swimming pool.

The river will be restored to its original appearance.

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