How to Avoid Being ‘Rocked by a Drought’ in South Africa

How to Avoid Being ‘Rocked by a Drought’ in South Africa

In South Africa, where the monsoon season is starting to kick into high gear, it’s not unusual to hear stories of waterlogged roads, bridges, bridges that collapsed, waterfalls that have been wiped out.

And yet, the same is not true in Botswana.

A new study from the University of Bath’s Institute for Water and Environmental Research found that Botswana is one of the most resilient countries in the world when it comes to dealing with drought.

“Our findings show that Botswanans are resilient in dealing with the drought and that, in fact, they are the most tolerant of the droughts we have faced in recent years,” said the study’s lead author, Dr. James D. Smith, who studies water conservation.

The researchers found that water resources in Botswanas land are being conserved in a way that is significantly less than what is needed to meet national water needs, but the impact on the people and their livelihoods is significant.

The findings of the study, published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, show that the Botswana water system has more than double the water that is needed, and has been significantly protected.

The study’s researchers used the National Water Survey to collect data on water consumption, water use, consumption in different regions of Botswana, and the distribution of water resources throughout the country.

The data was compiled using an innovative approach, in which each of the four regions of the country is divided into a water basin, and water resources within each basin are measured.

In the first basin, the area of the South West, it was found that the area in which water is produced is roughly equal to the area which is used for agriculture.

In the second basin, in the Central South, the water is generated in agriculture, and is used in the production of fuels.

The third basin, also in the South, is the same, but it is irrigated with water from the rivers and streams, and irrigated in the areas which are the source of water.

In total, Botswana has roughly two-thirds of its water used for farming and agriculture, which is enough water to meet most of the national water consumption needs.

The fourth basin, called the West Central, is also irrigated.

The researchers found the area that is used as agricultural water production is roughly three times the area used for irrigation.

In addition, in this area, there are about a third more water resources than there are irrigated areas in the country as a whole.

The Botswana study showed that water use and consumption is actually decreasing over time in Botswans agriculture-dominated agricultural sector.

While in the last 10 years, the amount of agricultural water that was used increased by over 50%, the amount that was consumed decreased by just over two thirds.

According to the study authors, the researchers found a strong correlation between the number of agricultural areas and the amount and type of agricultural land.

In other words, if the number and type and quantity of agricultural lands are different in a particular agricultural sector, then it means that the amount consumed will decrease.

The report also found that agricultural land is generally not in a position to produce enough water for the growing of crops, and that the use of irrigation water can also reduce water use.

So, when farmers are in a drought, their only option is to use irrigation water.

But, when there is no irrigation water available, the farmers will have to rely on their own resources to meet their water consumption.

According the report, Botswanas farmers have historically been able to manage water use well.

The report found that over the past 50 years, Botswananas agricultural production has increased by roughly one-third, and its water use has been reduced by half.

The water conservation of Botswana was found to be a significant contributor to its resilience in the face of drought.

The authors say the study was designed to help farmers understand how water use in agriculture has changed over time, and to identify ways that farmers can manage their water use more effectively.

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