Hidden waterfall village in Wisconsin

Hidden waterfall village in Wisconsin

Waterfalls are everywhere these days, but this one in Wisconsin might not be quite as dramatic as the ones you see in New York.

The waterfall is the Hidden Village of St. Lawrence Falls, a 15-minute drive from St. Charles, Wisconsin.

You can take a bus from St Louis or get on a horse-drawn carriage to reach the waterfall.

There’s also a boat tour for $12 per person.

St. Louis is a little farther to the west and there’s a bike trail to the top.

I took the bus, and it’s pretty easy to see that St. Joseph Falls is just north of here.

The village is a bit bigger than I thought, and the views aren’t as spectacular as in New Jersey.

But the river itself is a great way to get a feel for what it’s like to be underwater in the middle of nowhere.