Finger Lakes Waterfalls & Gardens Hidden Falls

Finger Lakes Waterfalls & Gardens Hidden Falls

By Laura CernicI’ve been to Finger Lakes for many years, and it’s always been a bit of a surprise.

I’ve always enjoyed the beautiful views and the peaceful quiet, so the thought of hiking the trails to the falls, where the waterfalls and waterfall-themed attractions are located, seemed an odd choice.

However, after visiting the falls this year, I was able to take my family on a tour of the entire area, including the famous “finger lakes” where you can see all the water slides and waterfalls in one spot. 

The Finger Lakes are located in the Finger Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in New York state, near the small town of Finger Lakes.

They are a beautiful collection of waterfalls, lakes, and a variety of water and rock formations, with many different types of water-loving creatures. 

In the park, you’ll find the Finger Lake State Park, the Finger Falls, the Big Apple, the Lake Erie, and the Finger Waterfalls.

There are also waterfalls on the lake floor, and there are also other waterfalls near the lake in the nearby Finger Lakes State Park. 

One of the best things about the Finger lakes is the waterfall-related attractions and attractions.

The Finger Lakes’ waterfalls are all themed, and they offer an assortment of water slides, water slides for children, water slide boats, water ride and paddle-boat rides, water-themed games, and more. 

I especially loved visiting the Finger Lagoon, where I saw an interesting combination of water activities including paddle-boarding, water skiing, and kayaking. 

You can see the whole Finger Lakes area in the park by using Google Maps. 

And you can enjoy these waterfalls yourself by using the finger lakes water-related attraction and attraction listings, as well as the finger lakes guidebook.

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