Portland Oregon Waterfalls to Perform at Portland Opera Festival

Portland Oregon Waterfalls to Perform at Portland Opera Festival

Ahead of the POM Wonderful Festival on June 18-19, 2017, the Portland Opera has announced that a number of Portland’s waterfalls will be performing during the event.

From the river-bordered Columbia River, the POTWF will be the largest musical event of its kind, featuring more than 40 performances, a live band, a musical tribute and a guided walk through the waterfall.

A number of local artists, including the POCE (Portland Orchestra of Color Empathy), will also perform, including an ensemble of Oregon musicians.

The POM also announced that two of the city’s most popular waterfalls—Basswood’s Bayside and Oahu’s Oahu Oahu—will perform as part of the festival.

A musical tribute to the city, “Oahu’s Ocean of the Clouds,” will be performed by local band the Oahu Jazz Band, who will be joined by the Portland Symphony Orchestra and the Oregon Symphony.

The festival will feature the opening acts of both events.

“Ooh La La!” will be part of a performance by the POG (Portland Jazz Group), featuring the Portland Jazz Ensemble and Portland Opera Orchestra, as well as performances from the POPE (Portland Performance Orchestra) and Portland Pops Orchestra.

POTN (Portland Native Music Network) will perform “The Song of Oahu,” a song written by the O.J. Simpson family and performed at the O’ahu Jazz Festival in 1991.

O’Hara’s Song of the Sea will also be part the festival, featuring the Ooh La Lava Singers and the Oceanside Symphony Orchestra.

“The Mamas of O’Mamas,” by local artist Marissa McBride, will be one of the first musical pieces performed at Portland’s Waterfalls.

Other performances include a “Tubular Pipes” by the Mamas, a “Waterfall Jam” by local musician Joe Coughlin, and a performance of “The Dance of the Wind.”

The POM’s event schedule for the festival can be found below:O’ahu’s Island at the Columbia RiverStage of the WestStage of PORC Stage of the Pacific Northwest Waterfalls and Lakeside ParkStage of The POPS Stage of Portland Opera