How to save your waterfall from flooding

How to save your waterfall from flooding

By Mark Hosenball, OregonLiveThe Oregon Department of Water Resources (ODWR) says it will tighten its rules for waterfalls in the state’s interior.

The agency said it will now require waterfalls at least 30 feet (9 meters) deep, or 5,000 feet (1,300 meters) in diameter and 50 feet (15 meters) wide, to have waterfalls built in them.

The rule will also apply to streams that have more than 1,000 vertical feet (600 meters) of water flowing in them, and for streams with more than 200 vertical feet of water.

The new regulations are in response to an increase in flooding in recent years, particularly during summer months.

The state has a large number of waterfalls and springs in the western and eastern portions of the state.

ODWR officials say waterfalls can be particularly prone to flooding because of their large size and lack of natural drainage.

The department has issued numerous flood control permits for water falls in the past and says the new rules will allow them to stay dry and continue to benefit from the current drought conditions.

The restrictions will take effect for the next two years.

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