A new waterfall in Africa looks a lot like the one you’d expect from the Sahara desert!

A new waterfall in Africa looks a lot like the one you’d expect from the Sahara desert!

Posted August 18, 2018 06:19:47 A waterfall is a natural feature of Africa, and a number of places have cascading cascades.

This is the case in the Sahel and it is the reason why there are so many waterfall areas in Africa.

These cascades are not natural, but a product of human activities, such as deforestation, mining, pollution, and land-use change.

Here are some of the more interesting waterfall-type places you can find in Africa, or even the Sahara.

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A waterfall in Algeria.

Photo: James Martin/Wikimedia Commons.

The waterfall at Al-Shaqab Dam in Algeria, where the Nile River meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Photo by James Martin.

This waterfall in the Sahara is also called the “Mountain of Blood”.

The waterfall in Morocco.

Photo from Wikipedia.

Al-Mouyaf, a small waterfall in Tunisia.

Photo taken by James MacLeod.

In Tunisia, a few of the cascades have the appearance of a waterfall, but it is actually a dam.

Photo via Wikipedia.

The cascade in Morocco at the Damia River.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Al Jazeera English has a great article on waterfall sites in Africa here.

Here is a map of the world that shows the world’s most amazing waterfalls.

Here’s a map showing the worlds most beautiful waterfall areas.

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