The Lad, A Guide To Waterfalls From The Beginning

The Lad, A Guide To Waterfalls From The Beginning

Croats are well known for their beauty, but they are also very well known to water experts for their tendency to die.

Croats can die of drowning when their lungs are cut off and their organs cannot take the shock.

This is a common cause of death among Croats.

However, the Lad is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world.

The Lad is a short, flat, vertical waterfall that can reach the height of 30 feet (10 meters) on its peak.

It is the largest waterfall in Croatia and is considered one of its best waterfalls.

The original Lad falls on the edge of the river Crovatie, which flows into the Vistula River, a small, tributary of the Croatian River that flows into Croatia.

The river is often confused with the Viste River, which runs through the area.

This confusion is caused by the fact that the Vese River flows through the same area.

The Viste and the Crovate are two separate rivers.

They run along the edge the river and meet in the Vismera River.

The valley where the Lad falls has been named Viste Valley.

A river crossing at the top of the Lad makes it easier for people to see it.

The water is very clear, though some people may find it difficult to distinguish the colors of the waterfall.

The waterfall is named after the legendary leader of the Serbian tribe of Ladislas, Viste.

There are many other waterfalls that are named after Viste, but only one that is considered the most beautiful of them all is the Lad.

In Croatian, Lad means “head” and the river is called the Lad (Croatian: čel).

The Lad falls about 60 feet (20 meters) from the riverbank.

This waterfall is located in the village of Vistuje.

The name of the mountain is Vistura, a reference to the Ladisla River.

In addition to the famous Lad, there are many waterfalls on the Croatian Plateau.

Here are some of them: 1.

Vistul, a valley that forms part of the Zagreb Plateau and is famous for its unique flora.

This waterfalls is the third tallest waterfall in the country and is a favorite among tourists.

This falls is famous because of its color and the fact it can be climbed up and down the steep cliff face that is part of Viste’s valley.


Vistska, a famous waterfall in Vistuloja, Croatia.

It has a steep drop of more than 5,000 feet (1,200 meters) and is very popular with trekkers.


Viste Več, an old waterfall that is located on the border of Croatia and Serbia, which was formed during the Second World War.

It can be accessed from the Viseava River.

It takes one to two hours to reach the top.

It was named after Croatian leader, Visevic.


Kriška, an ancient waterfall that is popular in the Serbian region of Croatia.


Krozka, another waterfall that was formed in the 1990s in the area between the Zadar River and the Vitesva River.


Piroška River, the most popular waterfall in Croatia.

This large waterfall is known for its sheer size and its beautiful colors.


Sveta, a large waterfall in Zagradska.


Kralje, a waterfall in Bije, Croatia, known for it’s striking color and its great visibility.


Krasnije, another popular waterfall in Serbia.


Kravíl, another small waterfall in Slovenia.

It also is a popular water-falling destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Croatian Plate.


Kranj, a very popular waterfall on the plateau of Krasna Kranje, the only known waterfall in Western Macedonia.


Viteja, a beautiful waterfall in Kramno.


Křebiča, another waterfall on the Slovenian plateau.

The Kranja waterfall is the only waterfall that does not require a helicopter ride.


Tatra, a river that flows through Croatia and the Croatian part of Bosnia and Croatia.


Vitesvas, the largest river in the region, the longest in Croatia, and the largest in Bosnia-Herzegovine.

It flows through Bosnia and the Serbs, and is the main source of water for much of the country.


Pula, a great waterfall in Macedonia.


Puleča waterfall in Jelina, Bosnia.

The main waterfall is in Vitesvaj, and there are other small ones on the Viteva River and in the Gjakova Valley. 18. Št

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