Paterson waterfall closed after 4-year closure due to toxic gas leak

Paterson waterfall closed after 4-year closure due to toxic gas leak

Paterson, N.J. — Paterson Falls is closing for the fourth year after a toxic gas spill led to the closure of the popular hiking trail.

Paterson Falls reopened Saturday, following a cleanup of the site and a cleanup effort, according to a release from the Paterson City Department of Recreation and Parks.

Officials said the site is now under quarantine and that residents and visitors will be advised to stay away from the site.

“Paterson is a safe, beautiful place that we want to protect for our community,” Paterson Mayor John Hovis said in a statement.

“We are thankful to our neighbors, and our partners, for their patience and cooperation.

Paterson is not safe, and we cannot wait to make our return to our community.”

Officials said Paterson was closed to visitors at 6 p.m.

Saturday after the site was discovered to have been exposed to hazardous materials.

The city said that in addition to the leak, the site had also been affected by water contamination and has been the site of an ongoing cleanup.

“The Paterson and Paterson Creek watersheds are not only the site for Paterson’s beautiful falls, but also are the habitat for a number of other aquatic species,” Hovisca said in the statement.

“These watersheds should not be used for recreational or industrial purposes.

This project will help preserve the water resources and ecosystem that make Paterson a natural treasure for generations to come.”

Hoviscas officials said that due to the large volume of waste at the site, the city will be moving the waste out of the creek in the coming weeks and that the project will continue to be monitored and monitored.

The city said the closure is being done in accordance with the Clean Water Act and will be in effect until the next open day, which is Saturday, Nov. 18.

Hovis added that Paterson has been a popular spot for visitors to enjoy the fall and that his community will continue working to keep the trail open.

“It is our intention to keep this area open to the public and continue to educate the community about the health impacts associated with the pollution of the Patison River watershed,” Hviscas said.

“It is a very beautiful, healthy area, and I know we have the residents and our local businesses and other stakeholders who love it here to thank for that.”

The Patagonia Natural Products Company has owned Paterson for nearly 60 years and the company is currently developing a water-saving product.

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