How to swim the Koi Pond waterfall in the Jaffa Flats

How to swim the Koi Pond waterfall in the Jaffa Flats

The waterfall, the Jefa Flates, in the heart of Jaffia, is known to be one of the most scenic swimming spots in Israel.

But the area around the waterfall is also home to many other creatures, including a large number of endangered species.

The waterfall is a unique feature of the area that attracts a lot of visitors and wildlife photographers.

But it is also a source of environmental degradation.

The waterway is home to some of the largest freshwater fishes in the world.

It is one of only two freshwater ponds in Israel, and it is one the most biologically diverse habitats in the country.

This is because the water comes from the Mediterranean Sea, which is an area where the water levels are very low.

And it also has a very high biodiversity in terms of species, habitats and species diversity.

The fish that inhabit the area are one of those species that are quite unique, according to Efraim Kupfer, a researcher at the Israel Aquarium of Natural History.

The Koi pond is a relatively new waterway that is used for the water-rich wetlands of the Jordan Valley, Kupffer told The Jerusalem Report.

The area is famous for its Koi ponds, which are deep, shallow and rocky.

The ponds are filled with the remains of the dead Koi, which have been rotting and rotting for centuries.

There are many Koi in the area, and these are the best-known, said Kupffer.

But there are also thousands of other species of fish in the Koimas ponds, and many of these species are threatened with extinction.

“There are a number of species of fishes that live in the Jordan River and they are quite rare,” said Kipfer.

“But there are at least 200 other species that live at the same level of biodiversity that the Koias Koi are.

The Koi and the Koiwi are both very special.”

The Koimah Koi is one such species.

The fish is native to Israel, but is currently not in the wild.

It feeds on algae, and the algae feeds on the water.

Kupfers research shows that the algae kills the fish, which kills the algae.

The scientists have found that the fish is also threatened by the pollution of the water and the pollution caused by humans.

The Jordan Valley has been experiencing a major decline in biodiversity in recent years, as the region has been flooded by the construction of the Israeli-Egyptian pipeline project, Kapfer said.

The Jordan Valley is a natural ecosystem, and there is a lot that can be done to protect it, Kipffer added.

The area around Jefah Flats is home, along with several other freshwater wetlands in Israel and Jordan, to an ecosystem that is extremely important for the health of the environment.

The koimas Koi may not be able to survive in the water, but the other Koimahs Koi do.

This research will help researchers understand how the waterway works, and how it affects the fish.

There is a need for the conservation of biodiversity in the region, and conservation is one part of the solution, said Micky Shnaykin, head of the Conservation Programme at the Jerusalem Zoo.

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