How to make your own pool waterfall

How to make your own pool waterfall

By now you’ve probably heard of waterfall kits, which are inexpensive kits that can be used to create the illusion of a waterfall.

But in this article, we’ll show you how to make one yourself. 

The kit itself can be bought at a hardware store or online, but there are also tutorials that will show you exactly how to build one yourself for a very small budget.1.

Cut your tubing length to the appropriate length2.

Cut a loop that is about 10cm long3.

Cut two loops together (one for each side)4.

Make a loop for each end5.

Hook your tubing to the loop, tie it off, and you’re done!

The kit has a loop and a loop of its own that you can hook onto your tubing and use to create a waterfall in a matter of seconds.

The instructions are very easy to follow, and it’s quite a bit of work to assemble.

If you’re new to building DIY kits, it can be a daunting task.

If this is your first time building a waterfall, it’s best to read the instructions carefully and be prepared to make a lot of mistakes. 

You should be able to build a complete one in under 10 minutes. 

There are many ways to build the kit, but the one that we like to use is a simple single piece of tubing that is connected to a series of connectors.

This will ensure that there are no wires or any other unnecessary connections that can block the flow of water. 


Take your tubing from the hardware store3.

Make loops to connect the tubing to your tubing4.

Cut the loops to length5.

Cut one loop for every end of the tubingYou can then attach the tubing loops to a rope, and tie it to a small tree branch or similar piece of tree to form the illusion that the tubing is flowing.

If your tree has a lot to do with creating the illusion, you can make a loop in the middle of the rope and attach it to the end of a piece of string that you then loop around the tree. 

Here’s a video of the setup that we made.

The tutorial shows you how it’s done.

It’s really quite simple. 


Hook the tubing into the tubing loop and attach the loop to the treeThe tree will act as a stabilizer, and when the rope is wrapped around the loop and around the branch, you’ll see the tree float up into the air.

This creates a little illusion of the tree moving, but it’s important to remember that this illusion doesn’t last long.

The illusion ends when the tree stops moving, and the tubing ends up just hanging there. 


Tie off your tubing, loop your tubing around the rope, attach the rope to the top of the piece of twine, and your finished waterfall. 

 It’s really easy to build this kit.

Just follow the instructions and follow the pictures. 


Watch the video of how to do the kit to see how easy it is to make the illusion I’m sure you’re thinking, “I’d love to build my own waterfall.”

This is true.

You can learn how to create your own waterfall at home, but a DIY kit is much easier and more fun to build.

You’re going to want a good amount of patience and time, so I’d recommend checking out some tutorials on YouTube before you start. Have fun! 

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