How to get a tattoo in Dublin

How to get a tattoo in Dublin

Waterfall tattoo artist Dara Smith is one of the biggest names in the water-themed tattoo scene, but the former waterman has been away from the spotlight for years.

Ms Smith, who was born in Dublin and raised in Waterford, says she is keen to promote herself to the Irish tattoo community.

She says her water tattoo style is based on the waterfalls in Ireland’s Waterford region.

“The waterfalls are always on my mind.

I like to do my water tattoos in waterfalls,” she said.”

I like to use water as a medium to paint on my body and to do them in different colours.

I have a lot of water tattoos that I would do in water.”

Ms Smith started tattooing when she was 17.

“We were in a house in Waterbury, we were having a drink in a pub and the water was running and I had to clean it off,” she recalled.

“So I had a little girl and I was doing this water tattoo on her and I thought ‘I want to do that tattoo in water, I don’t want to be in the house drinking a glass of water’.”

So, I thought, I’m going to go back to water tattoos and make them water tattoos.

“Tattoos in waterThe tattoo artist says her style is more than just water tattoos.”

My water tattoos are all water, so it’s really cool,” she explained.”

It’s a lot more of a theme.

It’s all about colour, and I do water tattoos, I have water tattoos with water colours on my arms and legs.

“She said it was a great experience for her clients to come to her with their ideas and ideas of what they wanted their water tattoos to look like.”

You can’t tell me what to do because they don’t know anything about water tattoos or water tattoo artists,” she added.”

But the tattoo artists are really good and they really love the idea of my water tattoo, and the way they paint on me.

“Sometimes I’ll do a tattoo that’s on the top of my head, and it’s not the best but I like that because I can put my arm around the tattoo and it looks really good.”

Tattoo artists will come to me and say ‘you can do this tattoo, it looks so good’ and I’m like ‘I’m not sure, but I will’.

“Water tattoos can also be done on other parts of your body.”

There’s water tattoos on my knees and there’s water on my back and you can have a water tattoo with a red sun on the back of your head,” she noted.”

If you have a tattoo on your cheek you can put a blue sun on it and it’ll make it look a lot better.

“Water tattoos in DublinTattox artist Dina Rafferty, who has been tattooing for more than 25 years, has had water tattooed on her face for more to see.”

Every time I go to work, I do a water tattoos,” she told The Irish Post.”

They’re on my neck and I have to put them on in the shower.

“When I’m in a meeting I have these water tattoos as well.

It looks great on me and I love it.”

Water tattoo on Ms Rafferity’s faceAfter her tattoo work, Ms Rach is back to tattooing water on her skin.

“Water tattoos are so cool,” Ms Racha said.

“When I started, my parents told me that water was a very dirty colour and I should not be doing water tattoos because water is not a very clean colour.”

That’s why I started.

I’m a water artist, I love water and I really like water tattoos for me.

I always love to make water tattoos

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