What to know about the asheville waterfall at Rock Falls (NC)

What to know about the asheville waterfall at Rock Falls (NC)

In the days leading up to its grand opening, the Rock Falls waterfalls was one of the most photographed in North Carolina.

But after a year of renovations and a flood, the waters of Rock Falls are now completely dry.

The waterfalls were named for an iconic rock outcropping that spans the edge of the Black Hills National Forest.

And as the days go by, the creek that feeds the falls is drying up.

A flood that washed away the riverbeds, which were built in 1928, also has the falls on edge.

As the water rises, the fall’s falls are also being filled with sediment.

It’s not clear how long the sediment will remain in the water, but it is drying out fast.

“There are some places in the gorge that will be pretty wet,” said Keith Loehmann, the head of the park service’s Rock Falls section.

“But the water has come in, so there is a little bit of a problem with the water.”

There is one water feature in Rock Falls that was previously inaccessible.

The creek bed is so deep, the rock doesn’t touch the water.

This means the falls are currently underwater.

That will change when the water returns in 2019, according to Loepmann.

The park service is asking people to take precautions when using the waterfalls.

The falls will remain open from May through October.

People should also stay alert for potential boaters.

If you’re not comfortable using the falls, you can still climb to the falls to enjoy the view.

There is a trail to the top of the falls.

There are also several areas on the park system that are open for swimming.

A trailhead is located at the edge where the falls used to be.

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